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We the Words Rhymes and Rhythm community of POETS are here to be the CONSCIENCE of Nigeria and the World at large.
We will speak [question, probe and praise], through POETRY, as our contribution towards a better World.
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Say my house is thatched
say my clothes are patched
say my car is old-fashioned
say my vision is blurred
say my marriage is cursed
say my businesses failed
say my share forfeited
because am not originated
say i can not be empowered
none my family accquired
say am not educated
for that am nothing to be rated
say an big for nothing
am still on lap feeding
say, oh say!

but remember
soon, very soon

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…here are 35 alliterations written by the ‘me’ inside 35 souls

Lofty leaves caressed by dew
melodious morning; mesmerizes me
bulbous butterflies glowing gleefully
but a soft spike sparks the senses
a minute mote could form a mountain;
only hyena quells the lion’s roar
~ Dennis Dighimini-sanami

remember to blaze funeral flames
beyond the cities of worthy virtues
when tides of throbbing troubles

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the human curse
is our changing force

i try to morph
you on your turf

to be your friend
dry me must bend

but it’s rather strange
none agrees to change


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A beautiful star
I’ve seen one shinning
more a clean water, sparkly sparkling
to every heart drinking
in glees, what every eye is doing.

This star’s making this night a friend
i seem cherishing a star
more a moon, yes, this star is
lovely lovable
this star is adorable.

This creature is a thief
has stolen the whole of me
this nature is God
His doings re good
i feel i own the earth.

Twinkling is…

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In reminiscence
Those foot steps at that unusual hour
As she strode in graciously in her majestic apparel
Even without having a glance
I couldn’t deny her amorous and sensual smell
I felt strange giggles
The sun grew cold, the walls smiled and plinth brandished
All in affirmation of her presence

That lingering 180 degrees turn was was like a trip to Venice
Mortals went hairless
Feet quivered

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Un-stagnated muse, the sapient move,
That’s burn in the league of tidy dove.

Tickling cock, barking dog, in name;
It grows and flies as the wake of time.

Poorly clayed name caps no glory;
Filth is its leftover, unwary.

For un-mouthing name-calling bird
Brings trinket and ring to safely gird.

For captain’s hope to win more ship(s),
Wins jolly along in the shore of kinship.

Where innate ignites its…

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40 BLANK SKIES (Sestets by Nigerian Poets)

only conscious eyes can probe the skies
only spheres with balls dare it’s vastness
a breathing body urges its eyes
they look up in total blindness
dead heart, blank eyeballs
wiping stubborn tear-falls
~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Shattered and broken above
devoid of clouds and birds
like a blank page it rest above
swinging down to earth
a blank sky is all i crave for to pen
down my old rugged thought

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See! How she has become a tyre that lost its core; the rim
Surviving has become her extant synonym
She live for the day
Working incessantly, never relay

She said we are independent
But what is freedom?
We can’t lay in our tent
Or lodge at the neighbour’s dome
What if kidnappers are at bay?
Or suicide bomber with us are ready †ơ lay

While dependent, she weaned from the whites’ breasts
Zealous for…

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good debt
funny death
hated priest
adored beast

it’s life…

evil brother
kind stranger
braying monkey
swinging donkey

it’s life…

jogging toddler
blind footballer
ignorant teacher
thieving preacher

it’s life…

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