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We the Words Rhymes and Rhythm community of POETS are here to be the CONSCIENCE of Nigeria and the World at large.
We will speak [question, probe and praise], through POETRY, as our contribution towards a better World.
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Earth speaks Poetry! When the Sun sets on the West, And all birds are faint in their nests;

She has a glowing skin
Her eyes like a love cat
Her nose so golden straight
Her lashes so enticing
Her lips so succulent
Kiss it, kiss it
She is the sun and the moon

The boys, The men
Both young and old comes
Wanting to taste her soup
Soup so fresh and sweet
She gives them both in plates and in their lustful hands
They lick and swallow
The soup they say is the best

The soup sours
They cover their…

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It started off like manna from heaven
Self-centred, you cramped all, into your haven
Your gluttony led to indigestion
You’re now drowning in your overflowing.

You prayed and fasted for a job
He answered, now you work till you’re numb
Schedule full, too busy now to pray
In pain, all your salary turn to drug’s prey.

In blessing, I will bless thee
But if it will take you, away from me
Then, I will…

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Yesterday is now under lock and key
and the locks defy regrets trickery
see, if Today tries all that he may
dry onion rings can’t be given life
not after the onion has kissed a knife.
Yester’s dried onions deserve no tears!
~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Her sulfur compound made sojourners stay
Exploring her arid to generate wealth stream
Not long they left, the owners began X-ray
Freezing daily her…

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ABIPA By Oyin Oludipe

Originally posted on unsungelegy-the world in monochrome:

“Killer Child. It is the unfettered infant of doom that returns to plague his roots and lay with the mother” – After Ola Rotimi’s classic play, The Gods Are Not to Blame

Vain are the sun’s sad songs
Vain earth’s shiver, full of evil rites
Vain are cowries at my toe
Vain the cavern’s arid throat

Shut, as years, drown
In sheaves of dark…

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Our selected theme for today’s THEME CHALLENGE is ‘DRY ONIONS DON’T CAUSE TEARS’.

  1. Write a 6-line poem on the above theme
  2. Define the poem as you best feel, it could be political, religious, personal, romantic, etc.
  3. If possible, use the title ‘dry onions don’t need tears’ in the poem
  4. Make sure your poem is rich in IMAGERY vs SYMBOLISM.
  5. Rhyming is not a must, but may add to your points.

You can find…

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Understanding the difference between these two terms has been an issue for many people. In fact many of us think they are one and the same. But this is not so. In the barest of terms

Imagery in literature is used to paint a mental image of something while Symbolism is using something literal, often seemingly minor, in order to evoke a bigger and deeper meaning.

I did a…

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I welcome you all to this edition of Poetry Talk.

Today, our focus is on what constitutes memorable poetry. The sort of poems that are remembered ages and centuries after. Not beautiful poetry, not excellent poetry: memorable poetry.

The terms may look similar but they aren’t: memorable poetry is beautiful, excellent, fine, whatever; but not all excellent, fine, beautiful, whatever poetry is…

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In my home,
The areas around the Niger…
Dreams are wrapped and
Silenced like mummified bodies
Sonnets are turned to elegies
Smiles are stolen and frowns are shared
In my land,
The regions beside the Atlantics…
Tears of sorrow
Irrigates the mind
Faulty fingers
Help to mend
Dead eyes lead
Through thorny journeys.
In this fate-chosen niche,
The soil to where I’m son-ed

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They were much in haste
And weren’t gonna stay

Though they saw it
Yet couldn’t know a B from a bull’s foot

The horses are standing on one foot
How could they have stood for a long time?

The eagle is standing on two legs
Yet feathers spread out and ready for flight

The horses are hanging on just a hand
As it’s with a partial surrender

And stretching forth the other hands
As though towards their…

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