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We the Words Rhymes and Rhythm community of POETS are here to be the CONSCIENCE of Nigeria and the World at large.
We will speak [question, probe and praise], through POETRY, as our contribution towards a better World.
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Are poets born or made?

Poetry, some are born with it and others learn it. Read poems from either of the two and you’ll immediately know the difference.

A gifted poet starts by writing innocently as his muse dictates. All can tell he or she’s got something. However, when technicalities are demanded, it then becomes obvious he or she is ignorant nor does he or she knows the real potential of a…

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This is the first of our poetry analysis series. In this classwork, you are to analyze the poem.

Our poem for today is ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCUS TASTES?‘:

a soft fart
slowly set free
gives smelly bliss
a tear drop
on grieving lips
tastes salty sweet

do you know
how mucus tastes
sucked while weeping?
the itch’s pleasure
it is heavenly!
ever felt it?

exist to exit
life is simple
why that frown?

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In awe we stood like helpless armies
We failed to plant our pleas
On this fertile soil, on its ridged glories

Agony paints our lips with smiles
Massages our bleeding bones
With the ointment of sorrow
The sky vomits hopelessness upon our soil,
Truth weeps alone in darkness
While they bragging at yearly towns meetings

Love went on a journey of no return
Elder Peace roams the streets
Like a madman,…

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Its a year since your light flickered away
One year since your breath with you last stay
As would a silent whisper, you arrived
On the same stage, you took your final bow
Here I stand at the spine of today
To render these words you weren’t privileged to hear.

Like the straw during a storm, you were my anchor
Like a star on a lonely cloud, you were my guardian
Back then your ways were stern, so I…

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Generally, symbolism is the representation of one thing by another. Such representations may concern persons, objects or ideas.

Symbolism is another way of creating imagery through comparison. This is what metaphor, smiles, personification and metonymy do.

If all these devices create imagery through comparison just like symbolism, what then are the peculiar features that distinguish symbolism as…

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live to leave
mind little things
nothing lasts forever!

LIVE TO LEAVE live to leave mind little things nothing lasts forever! #KnowHowMucusTastes?


a soft fart slowly set free gives smelly bliss a tear drop on grieving lips tastes salty sweet…


‘What is left of what is right?: What would you say if you were asked this question?

While you think up an answer read these 19 poets’ opinions presented in verse.

what is left of what is right
questions asked eyes agape at night
when the fence went down at noon
did you see the remains of my son?

you watched in awe at the broken stones
another’s problem it is, not my own
what is left of what is…

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I see our future in chains;
We only strive in vain
Shall we be free of these pathetic breed?

Do they know ours pains?
That we only seek freedom?

We walk in files to the work field
Guarded by armed morons,
With eager, blade mouthed whips

Oh! We cry and take our fate,
Hoping Freedom shall be our grace

An offspring was born
From the house of the weakest;
A man shining like the sun (more…)

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Dear God, this morning I crawl out into the cold
I pray thee, oh Lord that men will see me old, not bold.

Make my day memorable, as good as blissful
Help me that my catch be huge and successful

Touch men to look upon me in pity and not my filthiness
That they will show me love and greatness

In you I believe, that this day I shall be seen worthy,
To take any alms before the doors of low and mighty

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