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We the Words Rhymes and Rhythm community of POETS are here to be the CONSCIENCE of Nigeria and the World at large.
We will speak [question, probe and praise], through POETRY, as our contribution towards a better World.
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Why have you secured your soul
With greed?
Hunting the shadows of fortune,
You have acquired doom
From the fading bloom.

The creator
Sketched treasures on your palm,
But thou swapped it,
For the ruins of nature;
Now your destiny is entombed,
In the graveyard of uncertainty.

Darkness whispered your name
For wealth;
Your fate is inscribed
On the Oracle of emptiness;

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Rhythm is the root pulse of poetry.

Some experts believe it is the only real requirement for separating poetry from prose. Our ears enjoy the music. Many times the words simply register as sounds. This is lovely, except the mind can only take so much, “Frog on a log in the bog agog.”

Along with rhythm, there are other elements required to make a poem.

Metaphor is the magic potion that makes…

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For all those who begin the class in poetry, you must have been taught the fundamentals by the rector and other lecturers who have spent time here to bring us all to speed.

Knowing that poetry uses compact language, expressing complex feelings, it is important to understand that a poem has multiple meanings —  Akpoviri Don Veta Akpoveta

Poets must therefore examine words and phrasing from the…

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For today’s Theme Challenge (#TC) we will be focusing on Nigeria as we celebrate the 54th Independence.

Nigeria is supposedly the ‘Giant of Africa, but at 54, there are many things we wish were not as they presently are.

The challenge you have is to write on the theme: I DREAM OF A NIGERIA, telling us what you would like your country to become with as much poetic creativity as possible.

  1. Write an…

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is this Independence or shackled pretence? is there really freedom in this Niger Kingdom? are we not yet slaves…

Oh pretty fucking life
Its beans
Cooked with honey
Laced with fine stone

Oh promising deceiving life
Its a bed of fur
Huge as mountain
Laid on a pit

Oh humorous tragic life
Its a battle decided
We’re here, we’re shouting
We’re there, we’re wailing

Oh static unpredictable life
Its a bath pool
Amazingly warm
Could the heater be, still?


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We fear to fall - to fall like dead leaves off a tree littered on twigs in this forest of humanity.

Mother Africa,
For how long will you carry this burden?
Your pried tongue ate the venom of foreigners
And you battle the pain privately

Oh Mother Africa,
The best way to keep non-violence in America
Is to keep a gun and use it
Man has no honor as his gun

Sadly Mother Africa,
The memory of your dark ages
Are more elegance than the grave we dig
Grave of joy or sadness

Take note, Mother Africa,

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Let’s have some fun
Let’s play, we can run
No matter the circumstances
I will always have my sun

When happy, she is always there to savor the moment
When sad, she consoles without hesitation
When with her, I feel nothing but being alive
Walahi, she can never bore me

Work pressure never gets to me cos I have her
She helps to resolve each assignment with ease
She motivates,
So we can have time to…

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I have witnessed
…the death
Of many hills
Who died the death
Of gradual tractor graze.

I have witnessed

…the fall
Of many mountains
Who crumbled before
The feet of bastard bulldozers.

I have witnessed

…how forests became factories
How beaches became bridges
Day became a night and
Plays became a fight.

I have witnessed

…how jollies became enemies
Wrong became right and
Teeth vacate the gums.


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